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14 June 1989
Bridgewater, Massachusetts, United States
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Bristol Community College - Fall River MA (2007 - 2010)
Bridgewater State University - Bridgewater MA (2010 present)
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Hey there everyone, welcome to my little, personal journal! ♥ My name is Zephyra (formerly known as Kakeru / minymars), and I am quite the veteran to LJ...even though I don't update that frequently xD Sadly, this journal is "Friends Only", but feel free to look around anyway, and check out my other journals (which are all open to the public). If you really wanna get to know me, then email me or hit me up on AIM/MSN so we can chat, and then maybe I'll add you to my friends list. Have fun roaming around my little world of obsessions =3
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