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Writer's Block: You're my best friend

Haha, first time I've updated in MONTHS....back to my usual pattern, I suppose lol. But this question....I couldn't resist answering it ^^;;

Who was your best childhood friend, and where are they now?

Back when I was in elementary & middle school, my best friend was a Chinese girl named Jennifer Wang; I met her on my first day of 1st grade, and we got a long famously. Her family owned (and I believe still owns) the Imperial Kitchen restaurant in Bridgewater, MA and we used to spend a lot of time hanging around there (since her parents were mean and NEVER let me go to their house >.<). We recall us chattering on a lot, ESPECIALLY about crushes/boys, once we got to that lovely age in middle school xD We both used to get picked on a lot for how chubby and quirky we were; that's something that I had become used to living with and both of us just ignored our antagonizers. We didn't want to compromise ourselves or our friendship just so that we could fit in......

HOWEVER, one day in the 6th grade, she started hanging out with the popular kids and began picking on ME. That felt like the ultimate betrayl to me....to give up a good friend just because she wanted to fit in with all of those other asshole kids. From that day on, I stopped being friends with her and cast her out of my life forever. One of the other things that really sucked about that situation was that she wasn't just my best friend....she was my ONLY friend; that's when I had to learn to be completely independent and stand up for myself (which....I'm actually grateful for).

To this day, I actually still hold a grudge against her, so as for where Jenn is......she could be dead in a ditch for all the fuck I care >.>
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Because all mah friends are doing it!! :3

I tried not to reuse any of them, though it was really hard to do that....since my favorites tend to overlap with a lot of the other categories, lol.


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use the most favorite

IF YOU COULD BUY SPACE FOR MORE, WOULD YOU: I probably will, once I use up my leftover spaces ;p
DO YOUR ICONS MAKE A STATEMENT: Yes - that I love pretty, shiny things....and bishies.
WHAT SHIP DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF: Tied between Howl/Sophie & Chibiusa/Helios <3
DO YOU MAKE ICONS: Of course (most of the ones I'm using are mine xD)
ARE THEY ANY GOOD: I think so *_*
ANIMATED ICONS ARE: Annoying. Simple, still icons ftw!

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And the wind is blowing in my favor today~

Got some stuffs to update about!! :D

So, I gained 1.2lbs at my weigh-in last week (I blame the drinking I did that weekend, lol). HOWEVER, keeping with my usually pattern, after a significant gain, I have a significant loss; I weighed in 10 minutes ago and was down 2.4lbs from last week ;O Give me another few weeks and I'll be below 200lb for the first time since....wow, I was a kid? lol

On top of this, I've been going to the gym and doing some cardio/weight training recently to tone my upper & lower body; flab, be gone!! >:O It only takes about 30 minutes to get through all of my sets, but I can definitely feel the burn (obviously, since I was in pain all weekend because of it) and see some of the affects, particularly in my upper arms....and that's after only after 3 days xD I definitely plan to keep this up for the forseeable future, probably via 3 days of cardio warm-up + weights & 1 day of pure cardio.


Also, I literally JUST got off the phone with my new favorite Dell sales rep, Michelle. I called her yesterday to order my new laptop (after my horrid experience last week), but was pleasantly surprised by how nice and willing to help she was :3 Granted they were having a lot of system errors yesterday so I didn't get to finish my order, but that's completely understandable. She called me back today during my lunch break and finished out my order. I ended up having to switch from a Studio 17 to a Studio 15 to get the processor I wanted, but oh well; the only difference is that I have a slightly smaller screen ;p I think it totalled out to ~$1200, so I ended up saving $200 on this laptop (as opposed to the Studio 17), so that's a pretty sweet deal, even if it means my screen is 1.7" smaller. I can't wait for it to be shipped out so that I can use it (August 18th....c'mon)!! <3

Oh, I found out yesterday about a possible on-campus job opportunity for me!! I have an interview for the position on August 27th @ 11:30am (lol right in the middle of my work day...). I'll update more about it after that date...assuming I get the job (which I'm confident I will) ;3

Aside from all of that, I've literally been on an emotional rollercoaster recently. I've regressed back to feeling sad and a little bit lonely as of late (which I know will only get worse in the coming week....for reasons I may or may not post about at a later date). BUT I'm feeling ridiculously happy right now, so I'm going to cling to that and milk this happiness for all it's worth :D It's moments like now, when things are going great, that remind me that life isn't as bad as my negative side says, lol. Plus, I'm sure I'll be happy and distracted from all of my problems once school starts up again next month!! Nothing better to change your mood than starting up at a new college with interesting classes, 30+ hours of work, after school activities (anime club.../slur) and a completely new social scene~
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Quizzes with a dash of RAGE!!!

Okay, so, here's a continuation/rant based off of my Facebook status (yay venting anger!! >:O).

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So, for Bridgewater State College (the college I am transferring to this semester), it is required for all students to have a laptop. Since the one I used to have is severely out of date, I decided to go purchase a new, much more beastly one from Dell (a Studio 17 laptop with all of the best hardware...that I can afford, anyways xD). I placed the order on their website last Friday (the 23rd); I hadn't heard anything from them since then, so I assumed things were going smoothly. This morning, I was curious about how my laptop was coming along, so I logged onto Dell's website to check my order.....only to find out that it was CANCELLED. I had no idea why, and being as concerned as I was, I decided to call Dell's order/sales support line. Long story short, I got transferred to 3 DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS with everyone giving me different reasons why it got cancelled (from my financial institution reversing the payment to the video card I requested being on near-permanent backorder). I finally got transferred over to the operator for the Portable/Laptop sales department so that they could help me correct & resubmit my order and, wouldn't you know it.....instead of transferring me to a sales associate, the operator transferred me back to the freaking automated message/machine that I got when I first called their support line!!! >:O All of this took place over the course of a hour, and needless to say I'm pretty freaking pissed off:

1) They never gave me a solid/confirmed reason why my order was cancelled
2) Apparently my order was cancelled 3 DAYS AGO. They never sent me an email notification to tell me that....I mean come on, that's just common courtesy >.> If I hadn't checked my order status today, who know how long I would've been in the dark??
3) After an hour trying to fix it, I got freaking NO WHERE with their customer service department. Frankly, they should all jump in front off a speeding train and end their miserable lives now OR go take some intensive training on how to properly fix customer issues & concerns; it's not like I was being unreasonable, angry, impolite, or anything like that >:O

What's worse, after all of this, I still need to call them again (which I would rather not do, but....oh well). This time, instead of trying to fix the mess they made, I'm going to order my laptop OVER THE PHONE with an actual sales rep, tell them about my previous order and hope they can help me make sure that my order goes through this time. I guess that's all I can hope for from them. And it's stupid, too, because I order things for my company through them all the time, and I NEVER have issues with Dell or their customer service. I guess they must just be afraid of losing J&J's business, because they are very accomodating for them...but not so much for the average joe that wants to make a personal purchase. Basically, as I said in my Facebook status, now I know why everyone says that Dell's customer service is so abysmal!! >.<


And now some random quizzes to brighten the mood!!! ;p

Neskaya.Net Quiz: What RO Character Are You

What Ragnarok Online Character Are You?

Neskaya.Net Quiz: Which Ragnarok Online Town

Quiz: What RO Town Should You Live In?
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And this is what happens when I forget to post....

Haha I just realized that not much has changed about me; I’m falling back into my old habits of not updating my journal about important/RL things (I’d rather do memes and Writer’s Block entries instead, lol). Definitely need to break that pattern....


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Yeah, I REALLY need to update this more frequently so that I don’t have to keep making super long entries like this XD Must...update....as....things...happen >:O
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You Know You're From Massachusetts When....

Stolen from gin_gen :3

1. Go to Google and type, "You know you're from (your city or state) when...." (hit "I'm feeling lucky")
2. Cut and paste the list.
3. Bold the items that apply to you.

You know what a pocketbook is

You call them what they really are “sneakers” (not “tennies”)

You think if someone is nice to you they either want something or they are from out of town

The public transportation system is known as the "T" and you'd rather drive in bumper to bumper traffic for 4 hours to get to Boston than be caught dead on the "Orange Line"

You could own a small town in Iowa for the cost of your house

There are 24 Dunkin Donuts shops within 15 minutes of your house and that is how you give directions

If you stay on the same road long enough it eventually has three different names

53 degrees is "on the warm side"

You've walked to Brigham's for an ice cream cone "to go" in the snow

You cringe every time you hear some actor/actress imitate the "Boston Accent" on TV

You call chocolate sprinkles "jimmies"

A water fountain is called a bubbler. Say it "bubbla".

You can go from one side of town to the other in less than fifteen minutes

You know how to pronounce towns like Worcester, Eastham, Chatham, Haverhill, Peabody, Scituate, and Leominster

You know what they sell at a "packie"

You keep an ice scraper in your car all year round

Paranoia sets in when you can't see a Dunkin Donuts, ATM or CVS

You've pulled out of a side street and used your car to block oncoming traffic so you can make a left

You've bragged about saving money at The Christmas Tree Shop

You know what a "regular coffee" is!

You can navigate a rotary without a problem

You use the words "wicked" "pissa" and "good" in the same sentence

You know what a frappe is

Saint Patrick's Day is your second favorite holiday

You drink tonic and would never consider using it on your hair

You never say "Cape Cod" you say "The Cape"

You went to Old Sturbridge Village and Plymouth Plantation at least once, in elementary school, but never to Bunka Hill

You know the Mass Pike and 495 create some sort of strange weather dividing line


As if it's not COMPLETELY obvious that I'm from MA based on this....XDD
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Writer's Block: Good Morning Heartache

What is something you worry about everyday? How long has it been plaguing you? Do you think you'll ever overcome it?

Admittedly, I tend worry about almost everything in my life, from relationships, to my emotions, to what people think of me, to well....what I'm going to be eating for dinner that night, lol. It ranges across all things, some good and others....not so much ^^;; I've been like this for as long as I can remember and I do wonder if it's something that I can ever overcome. I honestly doubt that I will overcome it entirely, but I'm going to try to stop worrying about the silly things!! I'm glad that I worry about people (specifically those close to me) because it's my way of showing that I care. And I'm also glad that I worry about school, work, money, etc. because it helps keep me focused on what I need to accomplish (for myself and for my future).

What I need to STOP worrying about are my feelings and relationships with others; not to say that my feelings are unimportant, but when left to my own devices I tend to create a lot of silly doubts that interfere with my true feelings and relationships with people (this is incredibly apparent with Mono and me right now). Worrying to the point where I doubt and second guess everything is one of the things that caused the downfall of my previous relationship, and if I'm not careful I could allow it to do the same thing again. This is a MAJOR weakness in my personality, and I'm glad that I recognize it!! I just need to be strong, be happy with the good things in my life, and stop worrying about and analyzing how he feels/our situation. This is by far the major worry in my life right now, and I will do anything in my power to overcome it....if only so that I can make sure I don't give up on the happiness and love that I've found with him.
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Writer's Block: If I had a hammer

As a child, did you feel like you were you expected to pursue a certain type of career? How did this make you feel? Did you wind up choosing a different profession or path?

I've never really felt pressured by anyone to pursue a certain career path. My family has always been supportive of me and given me the freedom to choose my own way, and for this I am incredibly thankful :D However, even though I was never pressured to follow a specific path, my parents always thought/expected that I would end up becoming an engineer or architect of some kind; I've always had the mindset of a designer and I have always loved math (especially calculus, as nerdy as that makes me sound). All through high school, I was sure that this would be the area I would be pursuing in college; I was incredibly intent on it! Strangely enough, however, something hit me when I was nearing the end of my senior year. I had begun to grow weary of designing mechanical parts and buildings, so when I enrolled in college I COMPLETELY switched my major to the other end of the spectrum by choosing Graphic Design as my field of study. I wasn't sure if I'd like it at first and considered switching back to engineering on multiple occasions (I always used to joke with my art teachers about that, lol). In the end, though, I'm very glad that I chose to continue pursuing graphic design; I unlocked a great deal of hidden potential in myself that I wasn't aware of, and even though it's difficult and annoying sometimes, I really do enjoy it overall. I don't think I could imagine doing anything else with my life at this point :3

Strange how things always seem to work out like that, huh?
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Writer's Block: Ten minutes in heaven

If you could have 10 minutes alone with anyone in the world where you could do or say whatever you wanted without consequences, who would you choose and what would you do?

You know as soon as I read this question, only one answer came to mind - I would want to spend 10 minutes with Mono, the man I am in love with. 10 minutes wouldn't be nearly enough to satisfy me, considering the distance that separates us now, but....just taking those 10 minutes to kiss him, hold him in my arms and tell him how much I love him....I would treasure that brief time with him forever (and continue to hope for the opportunity to spend even MORE time with him in the future) <3

I know this whole answer is corny as hell, but I honestly don't care. Being able to see Mono is the only thing that my heart truly desires at the moment, and thus he's the only one I would pick if given the choice~
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Writer's Block: Capital Offense

What is your opinion of the death penalty? How important is this issue in deciding which political candidates you support?

I personally am torn on this issue. When I was young, I always thought that if the crime was severe enough (murder, raping children, serial killings, etc), then the death penalty was absolutely warranted. In later years, however, my opinions have changed slightly (and have become....almost more dark, in a way). While I do not feel that it is inhumane, I wonder if the principles behind it make any sense at all. So this criminal commits a crime that the state considers "worthy" of the death penalty; what will killing him do? If anything it would be giving him a release or a free pass on the the evil things he's done in his life. Is that kind of justice really fair to the families that have been affected by his crimes? Not really. I would much rather that this kind of criminal, who refuses repentance/rehabilition for his crimes, be imprisoned, tortured and forced to suffer for his sins, much like the did in the medieval times.

So, in short, I do support the death penalty in theory, but I would much rather that this kind of vile person be forced to suffer for the rest of his mortal life >:O If that makes me a sick, twisted and/or awful person, so be it ;p This doesn't particularly affect how I vote, though I do like to learn & understand why a candidate takes the stance they do on capital punishment (though I suppose the same can be said for any major political issue, lol).
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